Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Le Lasagne

It's a work night, but I decided to make lasagna to cover lunch for the rest of the week. Except for a little Parmigiano Reggiano grated on top, it contains no cheese.  It's made with besciamella and sugo alla boglonese. The secret is to follow the recipe for the besciamella, which should be thin and lightly seasoned with ground nutmeg. This is not an American style white sauce. 

My lasagne is not as good as what Marina in Cremona makes. Her lasagne pasta is delicate and freshly made, from scratch. 

But I'm happy to have this Barilla dry pasta to make it quickly here. 

From the late Kyle Phillips, information about Lasagna:

The best-known of these dishes is of course lasagna, which also serves to show how much baked pasta varies from region to region: Tuscans and Emilia-Romagnans make it with b├ęchamel saucesugo alla bolognese, and grated Parmigiano; Ligurians make it with pesto sauce and serve up as a refreshing summer dish; Calabrians (among others) use ricotta salata -- salted ricotta -- and Neapolitans make an extraordinarily sumptuous Carnival lasagna with ricotta and a variety of other ingredients.

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