Sunday, October 6, 2013

23 April, Cremona

I woke up to sunshine this morning, about 9.00. Marta was just arriving with the baby. He will stay here until she finishes teaching at 1. I saw the kitchen was stripped down for cleaning, so I knew Anna was nearby. After cheek kisses I went to my suitcase and retrieved  Ghiradelli chocolates I brought for her.  I can understand Marina almost all the time without trying too hard. She brought me a piece of focaccia and remembering I love cold pizza for breakfast, a piece from last night. With a large glass of orange juice, my breakfast was complete. 

Marta left for school, Marina took care of Baby G and I showered and got ready to go out. I used my new portable pink hair dryer Marta gifted me with yesterday. 

I left the house at 10.30, with a promise to be back at 1.00 for lunch. It was a bright sunny day, but it's not warm yet. I was comfortable in jeans, sweater, boots and a scarf. 

I walked to all my favorite scenic spots, taking pictures. Then I strolled the shops. I bought trofie pasta from Liguria, so I can make authentic pasta with pesto. I saw some unusual pasta I think my brother likes. I'll go back and buy him a bag. They are white flat disks, also a specialty of Liguria. Cremona is close enough, thank goodness to buy these very region specific pasta. 

I found an audio book that looked promising in a children's bookstore, which also carries some classic adult novels. I returned later to buy it, after buying the soft paper version. It's a treat to read and hear the words at the same time. 

While at the bookstore I also found a book of doable recipes for my tangine. I've been wanting to give it a try. I also bought a Japanese animated film, which my son treated me to see in English. 

At lunch, Primo, Marta, and Marina had risotto with asparagus and bits of sausage. It was yummy. For desert, a fruit cup of kiwi and bananas. 

Primo offered me chocolates. I took a picture and recorded Primo telling me the story of the chocolates and the company of Eataly. 

Yesterday on TV we watched a live broadcast of the President of Italy speaking before the Italian Senate. I would like to find an English translation of what he said. This afternoon, more political news on TV.

BBC News covers Napolitano's speech

 While Marina watched, I worked on my blog, Marta was at the computer and Baby G took a nap. 

Marta was waiting for the electricians to arrive. She will let them into Rosa and Mattia's apartment. When they arrived, I went also. There were two men. Very handsome, well dressed and efficient. Marina knocked at the door, with a lamp in hand. It was required in just a few minutes. 

The new light fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom are modern and stylish. 

Rosa returned home early today for the pedicurist, who makes a once a month visit. I've met her here before, for both weddings. She performs the pedicure thoroughly, but without the polish portion. Also, she did not give a leg massage. I sat in the kitchen with everyone, as we passed around Baby G and polished my nails. Girl bonding time. Primo walked in in the middle if our chattering. Four women in the kitchen. I know he enjoys seeing his girls happy.  

We were running about 45 minutes late so I had to miss visiting with Maria, a family friend who was first Marta's school teacher. Rosa had already planned that she and I would make piadina from scratch. They look like flour tortillas but taste totally different. They are a specialty of the Emilia-Romagna area. (See 

While the bread was rising, Rosa turned on her cleaning bot.  This wonderful device charges to a wall outlet when not in use.  It will look in every nook and cranny for dust while we are gone. Amazing!

Rosa and I started walking to COOP market to buy filling for our piadina: prosciutto, ham, speck, cheese, arugula. Just as we rounded the corner, near home, Mattia called. He was just a few feet from us. We waited, and then we three went shopping together. I carried a new shopping bag Marta had gifted me. I only bought a few items: baking chocolate and Italian yeast.

Back home we drove, then cooked and prepared our wonderful piadine, plus vegetable soup.  Mario, Marta and Baby G joined us, while Marina and Primo enjoyed an evening alone.



I love Rosa's newly remodeled kitchen.  She can organize all her supplies and access them with ease.  I am especially impressed with her array of electectrical outlets.  She can use both Italian and German appliances without the need for electrical adapters.

At 9, we were all exhausted. It's a work week night after all. 

Good night from Cremona!

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