Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, December 2 (Firenze) DRAFT

I received a text from our friend Laura this morning. She was at the Arezzo train station and it was snowing. She will arrive at SMN (Firenze) on the 11am train.
I haven't seen her since before Leo's illness began, 18 months ago. When Leo was first hospitalized in June 2009, Laura and I were in shock and cried together during on-line chats.
Leo's students, Laura and Sara, came one summer to California and we made an amazing trip into Death Valley, Yosemite and Mammoth Lake. Later, we were invited onto the Morongo Indian Reservation near Palm Springs, where the girls interviewed Indian-Italian families. We were invited to attend the Rodeo and a special spiritual singing ceremony.
Laura and Sara were not friends before that trip, but they bonded on the we all bonded.
I have so many memories -- the girls singing in the back seat as we drove and picnics in the desert. We packed plenty of food and water and briefed the girls on the importance of drinking plenty of water and of the buddy system. Traveling in the summer through Death Valley can be dangerous for those who are unprepared for the 125 F heat. It was a real responsibility taking two college students into the desert.
When we greeted each other this morning, nothing had changed .. Desert friendship endures. Within minutes, we had Sara on the phone too. I brought both girls Ghiradelli chocolate bars and a small authentic Navajo dream catcher. Laura will mail Sara hers. Laura bought me a CD collection from her band: l'alternativa. Laura sings like an angel!
Leo had asked if he could have lunch with us and Laura agreed it would be wonderful to see her 'Prof.'
I saw Leo was early, waiting and watching for us outside, as she abd I walked toward the meeting spot. Laura was prepared. We decided, no tears allowed. We will be strong for Leo.
The reunion was good for Leo. He had wanted to see Laura but with her busy singing schedule and his illness, it's not been possible.
The afternoon went too quickly for all of us. We talked and talked over a delicious lunch. Leo ate a first and second course and even had a tiny after lunch glass of limoncello liquor.
We left him around 4.30 and Laura and I window shopped our way back to the train station.
We hugged our goodbyes with promises to keep in touch.

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