Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Firenze, departure DRAFT

I had only a few hours of sleep Sunday night, partially because I worried about missing the flight. I had packed and repacked my luggage, weighing and worrying just how accurate was the scale. I should have trusted the scale because my bags weighed in at 21 and 22 K, just below the 23 K limit (50 pounds).
I was up at 3.30 and had my bags at the door. Asumi and Alessio were both awake and waiting for me. They were dressed warmly and they carried the bags down the two flights of stairs.
At 4.55 the 5.00am taxi was already sitting at the outside door. I try to always be early for the taxi, because the tiny cobbled stone medieval street is one-way and one lane. It's impassible when the taxi needs to wait. At 5.00 there's not much traffic, but still ...
Airport ride cost: 24 €
Time: 20 minutes (on almost empty streets)
I was carrying a lot of weight in coins, so I paid him a 10 € note and the rest in coins, mostly 1 and 2 € pieces.
I was second in line to check-in. The bags were under the weight limit but I did have to pay 70€ for the second bag, as I had expected. I was told a third bag would have cost 200€ and an over weight bag, an additional 100€.
I was so tired, but relieved about both being free of the bags and with some money saved. I had tangerines and an English gingerbread cookie with me to eat breakfast at the boarding gate.
I drank my water and approached the airport security check point. It was there that I lost my wonderful olive wood breadboard. I was told wood was not allowed in the cabin .. it could be used as a weapon. I did not argue with the officer, but it seemed illogical. A laptop computer would have weighed more than the board and certainly could have been used to bonk someone over the head.
Once one is stopped for any reason, they check your carry-on bags. After a thorough check, I passed through security.
I hope my breadboard found a nice home!

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