Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Longarone nights

I never had asthma as a child.  But now, allergies and cigarette smoke seem to trigger asthma. 

At the Inn, Leo and I snuggled in for the night in Longarone under a nice down quilt.  Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I could not breathe.  I had detected a faint odor of cigarette smoke earlier, but in Italy it was a normal smell.  (No Smoking Laws have since changed that.)

I got up to open the window, as I normally do in California.  I admired long ice sickles hanging from the eaves of the inverted V shaped roof.   In the Alps, opening the window just a crack lets in cold air and it flows in pretty quickly.  The air was so clean and wonderful.  Breathing easier, I happily padded back to our warm bed.

Leo, feeling the cold air, awoke.  He told me surely I didn't expect to sleep with the window open, in the dead of winter, in the Alps, surrounded by snow covered mountains.  The cold night air would cause sickness.  The swirling waves of air would also cause sore throats. 

I remember having this same night air conversation with Marina in Cremona.  Fresh air is something I've always needed at night.  I explained to Leo that instead of making me sick, the cold air makes me better.

My sweet loving Leo slept that night (and many other nights!) with a scarf wrapped tightly around his neck to protect his throat.  I did get the giggles watching him wrap up his neck.  Our cultural differences only seem to enhance our love for each other.

I slept like a baby

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