Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sardegna - Eating and Dancing

The restaurants open at 8. We've been eating dinner every night at the restaurant associated with this hotel. On Saturday night we noticed the parking lot was full. Apparently this restaurant is well known for its excellent seafood. The fish is all sitting right there on ice and one can inspect it before it's cooked.

Saturday night is dance night.

The two man team of singers is setting up as we enter. The center tables have been moved to make a dance floor. Our table gives us a front row seat. The singers launch their pre-recorded music and begin to sing. They switch off singing solo, never singing duets.  I took a few secret pictures...

Leo whispers to me that some of these are older songs originated in Naples -- not his type of music. Also it's from the past. But the music has a great beat. My feet are tapping.

I could have stayed there until they closed! Watching the dancers was a real treat for me. The women were dressed to dance. The couples were of all age groups. The older women were really dressed to, great clothes, jewelry and great figures.

The men were also dressed to dance. One in a suit, tie and sweater vest. Another man had a pony tail and jeans.

As one of the older married couples danced, they were quietly singing the songs to each other. We noticed the woman's eyes were closed.  And every few steps they both kicked a leg back. It was one of the most romantic public displays of affection I've ever seen. They swayed and twirled.

Then several line-dances let the singles join in. Leo leaned over and told me they were doing the cha cha cha!!  At that point we decided he is not a dance expert. He also thought it was a dance class out for a practice night. I disagreed! These people knew both the steps and the words and it was a romantic night out for them. About four couples and a few singles, both men and women. I felt like I was visiting in another era.

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