Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sardegna - Sunday


We drove out and found two pure white beaches. A wonderful wind was flowing...a wind from France says my "sailor man" Leo who also knows all about winds.

We found old fortress towers. One had an enormous rusted cannon inside. Nearby we found pieces of ancient pottery. I found a jug handle. This pottery dates back to before the volcanic eruption in Pompeii! Because of the recent rains, lots of pieces can be seen in the mud, in the water drains, if you look carefully.

The biggest surprise of the day was finding a surfer beach. At least 30 were in the water when we arrived.

 Leo talked to a group of surfers.  They said the beach (Spiaggia Campana or Bell Beach) is famous throughout Europe.

The surfers look just like their counterparts in Huntington Beach, California, with their wet suits, boards, cars and enthusiasm.  Apparently the sea is totally flat during the months of June, July and August.  But in November, it's agitated with high California style waves.
 I took my boots off and walked out into the water. Cold but not much different than Huntington Beach.

The sand was a very very fine, soft powder, but compacted. There is a protected sand dune area right behind the beach shoreline.

Surfers have to park and walk the designated path to the sea. There is no incline.

We took the long mountain route back to Cagliari, passing green pastures filled with sheep.

We stopped to ask an old farmer where I might purchase a goat bell.  He offered to sell us one of his goat's bell for 100 Euros.  He thought we were crazy for sure and so he gave a crazy price, according to Leo.

Late in the day, we arrived a tiny village which appeared to be deserted.  The local bar was open and we found it to be packed with men, watching the soccer game. Leo had cappuccino and I had a hot chocolate.

 My picture is blurry because I had to quickly take it quickly and secretly.  Even now, I can see my reflection in the big mirror on the far wall.

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